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Frequently asked Questions-

Hoping this helps you with some of those things 

you may be wondering about. 


What is Required to book my Wedding?

To reserve your date, we require an initial payment of $800 along with a signed contract. This can be completed in person or via email. (we do not hold dates without the initial $800 payment, we work on a first come first serve basis)


What do I need to know

about Parking?

There is ample parking on site for all your guests. We also have 2 concrete poured handicap parking spaces adjoined to the sidewalk for easy wheelchair or walker accessibility. We do ask that any enclosed trailers are parked in the back of the parking lot so that they are not taking up extra parking spots.  There is room for 1 or 2 small motor homes in the back of the parking lot. Please no parking or driving on the grass.


Do you offer a military discount?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount to any active military personal. (Bride and/or Groom must be active)

Are Pets allowed at the Venue?

We welcome all service dogs and ask you to keep the dogs leashed at all times. We ask you to designate someone to clean up any accidents that may occur. All other pet requests must be approved by the Venue owner. 

Is the Venue Handicap accessible?

Yes, our entire Venue is handicap accessible.

Do we have to choose from the Venue's preferred Vendor list?

No, we are not a vendor picky Venue. We have a few suggested vendors on our website and many more recommendations we can give you but these are not required. 

What about insurance?

We have liability insurance that would cover injuries due to site malfunctions only. We do require you to purchase a one day Special Event Insurance policy that will cover host liquor, any bodily injuries that are not site related, and damages to the Venue caused by wedding party and/or guest. (specific insurance information will be on your contract)

What sizes are the tables in the Reception Barn?

We have six rectangular 6ft. long tables that are used for the head table and other miscellaneous things such as a popcorn bar, candy bar etc... We have two 42" round tables that are generally used for cake/cupcakes, guest book etc... Our guest tables are 60" rounds and they each seat 8 people. We will set up the tables according to your guest count. (so the amount of tables for guest and for the head table will vary depending on your numbers) We have two waist high wooden "table tops" attached to large whiskey barrels that are generally used for the food serving area, so no tables or linens are needed for this.

What types of transportation are available to and from the Venue?

Lyft services our area.

Are you able to host other Events other than Weddings?

Yes, but days are limited. We reserve Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for Weddings. Monday through Wednesday are clean up and set up days. We can host small weddings on Thursday or Sunday evenings; we can also host other events on Thursdays. Prices for other events will vary depending on the amount of people and how many hours you will need the venue. Please email for more details.

What type of equipment is supplied in the Bar area?

The outside bar area has a fridge/freezer combo, 2 ice coolers, storage areas, hand towels, a high top table with 4 bar stools, and a garbage can.

What do we do with our trash?

We supply several garbage cans/containers in every area of the Venue along with the garbage bags. We have a dumpster onsite, it is your responsibility to place all the garbage into the dumpster. 

Do you allow Fireworks?

No, we do not. Sparklers are allowed during the couples final exit; this must be done in the parking lot.

When are Vendors allowed to set up?

Vendors can start set up either Friday or Saturday as long as you are at the Venue upon their arrival.

Is there A/C and Heat?

There is no A/C in either barn.  Both barns do have large doors that can be left open as well as ceiling fans which makes for a good air flow. The dressing room area does have A/C and Heat. The Ceremony barn is an old restored wooden barn with open areas between the slats so this barn can not be heated. The Reception barn has a propane heater. The bathrooms will be heated with space heaters.

Are the barns decorated?

The barns are not decorated. Both barns do have decorative mason jar wagon wheel light fixtures. The Ceremony barn has 2 white decorative wagon wheels in front of the barn where you stand for your Ceremon;  there is also one high top table provided. The Reception barn has a lit up fabric backdrop behind the head table and also strands of string lights hanging from the ceiling. You can decorate as you please, with the exception of open flamed candles and nails/screws in the wood. We do offer several rentable decor pieces which are pictured on our facebook page. 

How many rows of benches are in the Ceremony Barn?

There are 6 rows of benches on each side of the aisle.

What is the payment Schedule?

Your initial payment of $800 will hold your date and goes towards your balance (non-refundable). A $700 payment is due 12 months prior to your wedding date, 50% of balance is due 7 months prior to your wedding date. The remaining balance is due 60 days before your wedding date. We also charge a $100 refundable cleaning/damage fee which will be returned to you if cleaning instructions are followed and nothing is stolen or broken.

Where are the closest hotels?

Holiday Inn Express, Cedar Springs (10 miles from venue)

Can vehicles be left over night?

YES. Please leave your vehicles and be safe.

Are we allowed to bring in our own food and beverages?

Yes, you can bring in your own food and beverages including alcoholic beverages. You must hire a licensed bartender to serve the alcoholic beverages. Self serve alcohol is not allowed. 

Is the Venue open year round?

We are open May through October.

Is there a space to have an outside Ceremony?

Yes and No. Our suggested and preferred Ceremony site is inside the Ceremony barn where seating is provided and set up. When both large barn doors are open and the ceiling fans are on you still have that "outdoor" feeling, yet you are protected from the elements. There is space in the back yard to have a Ceremony but you will need to supply the seating, setting up and tearing down immediately after the Ceremony.  

What is not allowed?

No firearms, weapons of any type, glitter, hay/stray bales, birdseed, rice or confetti.

Is the price less if we only use the Venue for one day instead of three?

No, we offer the weekend (Friday through Sunday) so that you do not feel rushed for time. Our rental fee is comparable (actually lower) than most of the local barn Venues that only offer a one day rental. We basically are adding on those 2 extra days as a bonus. Take your time and feel less stressed!

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel you do not get refunded any of the monies that have been paid to date. We have a  Strict NO refund policy.

What is your Smoking Policy?

No Smoking or Vaping is allowed inside any of the buildings. You can smoke anywhere outside as long as your cigarette butts end up in one of the three receptacles.

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